Switched to the use of premium European-imported compound fertilisers
Strong trees, green dense leaves and increased folds of yield as a result

When Wei Xian Foo (Ah Foo) ventured into durian plantation in the year 2000, there was a period where the yield was not ideal due to improper fertiliser management. Thankfully, after rounds of continuous improvements, his durian orchard saw increased quality and yield, which provided him with satisfactory harvest since.

Purely with the intention of just wanting to try a new fertiliser product, Wei Xian Foo (dressed in yellow) surprisingly noticed that his durian trees achieve very high yield record after switching to AgroBridge’s fertilisers. At such, he decided to apply 100% of only AgroBridge’s fertilisers and foliar fertilisers. Dressed in blue is AgroBridge staff Lin Wei Cheng.

Wei Xian Foo (Ah Foo)’s orchard is located at Mukim Junjong of Kedah, with a size of 10 acres and planted with 300 durian trees of different varieties. Among them are 100 Durian Merah trees, D15, D24, 101 etc. Following the demand of the market, Wei Xian Foo has grafted 80 Musang King seedlings and 80 Black Thorn seedlings.

These 20-year-old trees have provided Wei Xian Foo with good harvest and he attributed the success to proper fertiliser management practice.

In the early years, he did not subscribe to one fertiliser company’s products. He would combine products from various companies he deemed fit. As a result, leaves were scarce and have stunted growth, resulting in average yield.

After struggling with such results for some time, he came across AgroBridge fertilisers and decided to give this new product a try. In return, he achieved increase in yield by many folds and since then he switched to 100% application of AgroBridge’s fertilisers and foliar fertilisers.


Switching to imported fertilisers led to enhanced growth

Wei Xian Foo uses AgroBridge’s European-imported Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S (5kg per plant), supplemented with Bonica boron plus (1kg per plant) to achieve strong tree and dense leaves results. He explained that if the leaves and the branches were scarce and weak, yield would be affected. Thus, it is proper to boost the growth of leaves in order to promote strong and healthy growth of the plants.

Other than applying fertilisers (ground fertilisers) once every 40 days, Wei Xian Foo would also apply foliar fertilisers once or twice a month as best as possible. These fertilisers are none other than AgroBridge’s European-imported foliar fertiliser.

After harvest, he would apply a mix of Wuxal Amino and Ascofol of 20ml each to boost the growth of new leaves. He would then switch to Wuxal Microplant, a highly concentrated micronutrient liquid fertiliser, to allow the leaves to grow to maturity and boost the flowering stage, complemented with the help of the climate.


Long-term supply of durian seedlings

Other than his venture in durian plantation, Wei Xian Foo has also been long in the durian seedling supply business. At the age of 60, he is known locally as the master in the grafting of durian seedlings. Rich in experience, he supplies premium quality seedlings to local durian entrepreneurs across the country. The response has been great, and he struggles to cope with the growing demand. Among the highly popular seedlings are the Black Thorn, followed by Musang King.

He explained that he would start with cultivating the soil to plant the seedlings and start the grafting of these highly demanded durian seedlings after 3 months. The fruits would then be available to the market in 4 months.

On top of that, he would apply AgroBridge’s European imported Complex Yellow Special 15-15-6-4, which is low in chloride and could promote the growth of trees into healthy size and thickness, perfect growth of the roots and increase leaf lustre. Wuxal Ascofol foliar fertiliser is also sprayed on the surface of the leaves in order to increase resistance to harsh climate, eg during dry and wet seasons, and to ensure that the growth of the leaves is not affected.

He smilingly claimed that this must be the result of the use of imported fertilisers that led to increased quality of his durian seedlings.


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