Spraying chloride-free fertilisers
Durians increased in yield and quality

“Paying attention to fertilisation and applying premium fertilisers can effectively increase the yield and quality of durians, creating record yield once again.”

34-year-old Lu Jian Liang (Xiao Bao) shared that his 9-acre durian orchard had an ideal yield this round. When asked on the contributing factors that led to this success, he commented that besides appropriate climate, appropriate fertiliser is among the contributing factors. Lu Jian Liang’s orchard is situated at the foot of the mountain of Lata Berembun in Sungai Chalit where 80% to 90% are planted with Musang King. He informed that the orchard is strategically situated near the town at about 15 minutes’ drive. Since young, Lu Jian Liang has been assisting his family in managing this orchard. 20 years have passed, and he has since learned a lot of the durian planting techniques from his father.


Fertilisation is crucial to achieve high yield

From the experience and knowledge of durian planting he learned from his father, Lu Jian Liang recognised that only with appropriate fertilisation will the quality of the durians increase. He explained that the fertilisers used in the early years have high chloride content and as a result, the quality of the durians was not ideal. This changed when he started applying AgroBridge’s chloride-free fertilisers, which resulted in improved yield and quality.

After applying AgroBridge products for about 5 years, Lu Jian Liang’s durian plants show clear results of strong and healthy growth with dense leaves. He added that strong healthy plants can effectively reduce damages caused by pests and diseases, which led to savings in medicine costs. Typically, he applies AgroBridge Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2 during flowering stage at 2kg to 2.5kg per plant and AgroBridge Complex Purple Special 15-5-20-2 at 2.5kg to 3kg per plant during fruiting stage. At such, the Musang King fruits produced are round, have high amount of A-grade fruits and are high in yield.

On top of that, he also applies AgroBridge’s German-imported highly concentrated Wuxal foliar fertilisers. Wuxal Combi Mg has high content of nitrogen and magnesium that can effectively strengthen plants and boost leaf size. When the fruits grow to the size of a chicken egg, he will start to apply Wuxal Calcium (high in calcium) and Wuxal K40 (high in potassium). When the fruits have been fully harvested, he will apply Wuxal Microplant (micronutrient) to revitalise the trees, as part of topdressing for the plants to recover and to prepare for the next cycle.


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