Soil fertilizer combined with foliar fertilizer
Double pipeline to accelerate durian production

If durian orchards around you has a bumper harvest except for your own orchard, the growers will obviously felt a sense of disappointment. One of them is Robert who managed a 6 acres durian orchard in Kampung Cinta Manis, Pahang.

Robert (second from left) used to face the problem of having low durian production. Fortunately, Mark (first from left) and Alwyn from AgroBridge (M) Sdn Bhd (first from right) assisted him and he finally succeeded and getting fruitful results. From right is Alwyn, a technician from Agrobridge Sdn. Bhd. and the rest are two of Robert’s worker.

The durian varieties that Robert grew are Musang King and D24, and the trees are between 10 to 30 years old. He confessed that in the past, he had faced problems such as poor durian production and poor durian quality. This has caused him to missed out a lot of good opportunities to make good money when the prices of durians, especially Musang King, were generally high. In order to improve this situation, he went around asking for advice and he get to know AgroBridge’s local agent, Mark and Alwyn from technical staff from AgroBridge (M) Sdn Bhd. He learned a lot of planting techniques from the latter.

According to their observation on Robert’s orchard, they found out that many durian trees were suffering from serious canker problems. It should be known that if the durian tree cannot grow normally due to disease, any planting technique that is applied on the durian tree will be useless. In order to improve Robert’s fertilizer cultivation operation, the problem that is caused by the disease must be solved.

Fertilization depends on the climate

Robert was advised to use AgroBridge (M) Sdn Bhd fertilizer. First, during the flowering period, Robert applied Innotec 12-12-17-2-8S on the ground. At the same time, he also applied foliar fertilizer WUXAL P45 and Boron to facilitate flowering. Next, during the fruiting period, soil fertilizer Innotec K 12-6-24 is used to increase the fruit weight and quality. For foliar fertilizer, Wuxal K40 is specially selected to be used with Wuxal Microplant to further enhance the fruit growth and quality.

After improving fertilization, Robert’s durian orchard is now full of fruits and the output has increased significantly. In addition to learning the importance of high-quality fertilizers, Robert also realizes that fertilization is not simple. It is necessary to fertilize according to the climate to ensure that the durian tree gets nutrients. Only by doing these, he can prevent his effort from going to waste. He emphasized that only through the right technique, the fertilizer from Agrobridge Sdn Bhd and the cooperation of the climate that all of these can be achieved. All these things and conditions are essential to achieve the desire outcome.


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