Opted to use premium durian fertiliser formula
Unconcerned of the impacts of bad climate

Inappropriate climatic conditions can have serious impacts on durian fruits, causing both yield and quality to drop. However, according to Richard and Ah Cheng, who own the 10-acre durian orchard at Karak Batu 19 in Pahang, as long as the tasks in the orchard are managed well, the impacts of bad climate could be minimised.

As long as the tasks in the orchard are managed well, the impacts of bad climate could be minimised, especially when fertiliser management practice is improved, as confirmed by Ah Cheng (1st from left) and Richard (middle). On the left is AgroBridge employee Alwyn Au.

The trees in their orchard are around 20 years of age. Part of the orchard is planted with 80 Musang King, while the rest are planted with D24, Kampung variety and Tekka. Kampung variety has more plants among the three.

Although Musang King variety is of higher demand compared to the rest, the duo has no plan of specialising in just this variety as they believe the rest of the varieties have their own market potential. Quoting an example, he shared that the recent harvest saw higher yield of Tekka and its marginal price was as high as RM20 per kg, equivalent to a Grade B Musang King. Therefore, he believed that the other varieties must not be overlooked.

Basically, they had one harvest cycle in May, followed by another cycle in July. At the time of the reporter’s visit, the plants in one part of their orchard were already showing signs of budding and flowering. This part of the orchard was also showing signs of budding and it was believed that there will be another harvest cycle for 2020.


High emphasis on fertilisation

For fertilisation during the fruiting stage, the duo opts to use AgroBridge’s import-quality Innotec 12-12-17-2+8S and Innotec K12-6-24-2+3CaO. The latter is applied once every 2 months at 2kg per plant. On top of that, they also apply AgroBridge’s import-quality 15-15-15 and 15-15-6-4, Wuxal Calcium, Ascofol, Boron, P45, Microplant, Fulvic Acid and K40.

Worth mentioning is their emphasis on adequate fertilisation. Therefore, after every harvest, they will proactively apply AgroBridge’s Bonica (boron plus) and Complexsupra, which is high in micronutrients, to fully meet the durian plants’ nutrient requirements. These fertiliser products are not specifically targeted for durian varieties that are in high demand only. When these premium AgroBridge products are applied to the Kampung variety, the plants will also show results of abundant growth and the leaves be remarkably green and healthy.


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