Opted for imported compound fertilisers
Flowering success rate increased by 80%

49-year-old Joseph Tan and field leader Richard manage a 17-acre durian orchard in Karak. They both hail from Johor and currently manage durian trees of around 7 to 8 years of age, with 90% being Musang King trees and 10% Black Thorn trees.

When asked on the reason he ventured into durian plantation, he said that it was out of pure interest. His passion led him to venture into durian plantation and eventually, it turned into professional farming. Several local growers have also visited his orchard to survey and observe.

He explained that in the beginning, a lot of time and investment were spent but did not lead to ideal results. “Before I came to know about AgroBridge fertilisers, I noticed that during dry seasons, the leaves would drop at a serious rate, flowering stage would not progress to fruiting stage and thus, the success rate of the fruits growing to maturity was very low. However, ever since he started using AgroBridge’s European-imported complex fertilisers Innotec 12-12-17-2, he noticed obvious improvements. The leaves were dense, fresh green in colour with decent size, and the success rate of flowering to fruiting reached as high as 80%.” He also candidly shared that as he just started using AgroBridge fertilisers at that time, he was thus unsure if it would improve his crop yield. However, now that he has been consistently applying AgroBridge’s fertilisers, the results are very much better, attributing to his high confidence that his crop yield will continue to increase.


Applying fertilisers in turns

Basing on his experience in fertiliser management practice, he opted for Innotec 12-12-17-2 and Innotec K12-6-24-3CaO. The method of application is to apply 2kg to 2.5kg of Innotec 12-12-17 per plant during flowering stage and the similar amount of Innotec K 12-6-24-3CaO during fruiting stage. During the dry season, he would increase the application frequency to twice a month.

Besides, he also applies Wuxal Microplant. This fertiliser is to be applied 2 to 3 times a week after harvesting, by mixing 20ml to 30ml in 20 litres of water. Meanwhile, the Wuxal Ascofol and Wuxal Boron are applied in turns once every 2 weeks during flowering stage, by mixing 20ml to 30ml in 20 litres of water, to provide weather-resistance effects.

When the young fruits start to form, he would apply Wuxal Calcium once every 2 weeks, mixed at 20ml to 30ml in 20 litres of water, to achieve optimum growth.


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