Managing young durian plants a challenging task
Appropriate fertilisation necessary to promote growth

Managing young durian plants is a challenging task. If the daily tasks of caring and managing are not done well, there would be serious consequence as the young plants will eventually die, a waste of time and effort invested. Sky Song, who manages a 9-acre durian orchard at Lurah Bilut in Pahang, is a fellow farmer who faced such issue.

Sky Song (left) is a loyal and long-term user of AgroBridge’s products. Furthermore, he is the only fellow farmer who can name more than 10 of AgroBridge’s products correctly.

Sky shared that the old durian trees in the orchard are frequently damaged by strong winds, causing them to bend and break. The vacated space thus needs to be re-planted. However, due to the geographical condition, the young plants did not reach the ideal growth conditions. As an example, he explained that the re-planted young plants will get inadequate sunlight as the taller trees will over-shadow them, causing their growth to be very much slower than those planted in open land. Besides, through his rich planting experiences, he discovered that plants that are less than 3 years of age are more prone to damages by pests and diseases.

In order to ensure the young plants grow at optimum health condition, Sky opted to use the Complex Yellow Special 15-15-6-4, a product of AgroBridge (M) Sdn Bhd. By using this product, the young plants in his orchard reach optimum growth, the leaves are green and broad, and fruits can form within a shorter period. Meanwhile, he does not neglect to care for the older trees too. Sky also applies other products throughout the various stages of plant growth, such as during flowering and fruiting stages as well as in his daily fertilisation management practice. For foliar fertilisers, he uses Wuxal Calcium, Ascofol, Boron, P45, Mircoplant, Fulvic acid and K40. For ground fertilisers, he uses Complex Green Special 15-15-15+5CaO+6S, Innotec 12-12-17-2+8S, Innotec K12-6-24-2+3CaO and other AgroBridge’s premium fertiliser products.

Through the years of using AgroBridge’s fertilisers, he discovered that only AgroBridge’s products are of premium quality and produce effective results. At such, Sky has become a loyal and long-term user of AgroBridge’s products and is the only fellow farmer who can name more than 10 of AgroBridge’s products correctly. Sky further shared that the premium quality products of AgroBridge indeed enhanced the growth of the plants. One of his testimonies is the increased yield of his Musang King where the fruit quantity and structure are better than they were in the past. He had even harvested a 5kg Musang King fruit, which brought much surprise to the local market. Most importantly, Sky has achieved the state of abundance of fruits. Based on the observation of the reporter, it is estimated that he will have another cycle of harvest by the end of the year. According to Sky’s experience, it is not worth the risk to switch to other fertiliser products without prior knowledge of their quality. As a result, he opted to apply AgroBridge’s fertilisers on a long-term basis and has successfully achieved the results as mentioned above.


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