Increased fruits formation and high yield
Karak durian planter reaped good harvest

After taking over his father’s durian orchard as a young farmer, Su Jing Xiang asked around to seek for guidance and to learn planting techniques. From there, he developed a set of his own durian management practices and managed to achieve a record high yield and high-quality harvest.

Su Jing Xiang (left) achieved record high yield after switching to AgroBridge’s fertiliser products, and such results persisted for many years. It also led to frequent flowering and fruiting cycles, giving him no rest, to the extent he couldn’t take time off for the Lunar New Year holiday. On the right is AgroBridge’s employee, Alwyn Au.

Su Jing Xiang’s orchard is located at Karak Batu 19, of 12 acres in size and is planted with several varieties, majority of them being Musang King and about 50 D24 plants. The plants are at 51 years of age and were planted since 1969. He shared that from his proper fertiliser management practice, the leaves in every tree are broad, dense and healthy, and trees grow healthily. The yield has been exceptionally high, and he has been having record high yields for many years. Flowering and fruiting happen frequently and quickly, thus requires constant monitoring and care. Due to this, he couldn’t afford to take time off and even had to work through the Lunar New Year holiday. As a matter of fact, Su Jing Xiang could have a few harvest cycles in a year. Quoting an example, he said he had 4 cycles of harvest between July 2019 and July 2020. The reporter further discovered that he would diligently remove fruits that did not form properly and the fact he could still achieve high yield after such elimination practice was rather extraordinary.


Diligent in applying appropriate fertilisers

He shared that being able to achieve such excellent results is largely due to appropriate fertilisation. His primary fertilisers are from AgroBridge (M) Sdn Bhd. He uses AgroBridge’s imported Innotec 12-12-17-2-8S to promote flowering and fruiting. During fruit formation stage, he applies Innotec K12-6-24-2-3CaO to enhance the weight and quality of the fruits. He would also include AgroBridge’s Complex Green Special 15-15-15-5CaO+6S and Complex Yellow Special 15-15-6-4 in his fertilisation program.

To ensure the durian plants receive adequate nutrients, it is inevitable to spray foliar fertilisers. This includes applying Wuxal Boron before flowering and Wuxal Calcium once the buds are formed, to enhance the thickness of the husks. On top of that, he also applies Wuxal Ascofol, a highly concentrated natural seaweed suspension, to improve the flavour of the fruit. AgroBridge’s products are of premium quality, which he greatly praised. Besides the fertiliser products mentioned above, he also uses Boron, P45, Microplant, Fulvic Acid, K40 etc on a long-term basis for the enhancement effects these products could provide to the plants.


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