Husband-and-wife partner opted for imported fertilisers
Flowering success rate evidently increased

Having experienced yearly drop in durian yield that affected their income, the husband-and-wife partner continued relentlessly and after many rounds of trials, they eventually managed to enhance the success rate of flowering through appropriate use of fertilisers. Within just a year, flowers bloomed and filled the trees, a very much welcomed moment of goodness for the couple.

Husband and wife work hand-in-hand to invest in durian plantation, achieving everlasting happiness and rich learning experience.

The farming community has seen a minority of female workers due to the demanding and labourious tasks involved. However, 57-year-old Zhong Yu Ping continued to labour on, insisting to work hand-in-hand with her husband Chen Xing Nan to manage their durian orchard. Eventually, they achieved ideal results and have been enjoying the fruits of their labour. 59-year old Chen Xing Nan said that their orchard is situated in Bentong, Pahang, a conventional durian town. Their orchard is 8-acre in size and are largely planted with Musang King and D24. However, Chen Xing Nan and Zhong Yu Ping only manage 3 acres of the orchard. Regardless, the tasks involved in managing a 3-acre durian orchard are very demanding for many farmers, including the husband-and-wife duo. Thankfully, they find joy amidst these daily labourious tasks of managing the orchard and coupled with the increasing yield of their durian fruits, their passion for durian planting continued to grow.


Yield used to be very low

The couple explained that they started to venture into durian plantation since 1992. However, the fertiliser products they applied in the early years were of moderate quality, resulted in unpromising yield. Worse, the yield started to decline and greatly affected their income. A year ago, they came across AgroBridge products and have been applying these products since as they observed great improvements to the various challenges they have been facing. When they started applying AgroBridge’s European-imported fertiliser, Innotec 12-12-17-2, the flowering success rate of the durian plants increased prominently. Seeing the appearance of bunches of flowers on the plants brought tremendous joy to them. During the fruiting stage, they opt to apply AgroBridge’s European-imported fertiliser, Innotec K12-6-24-2 to enhance the quality and yield of the fruits.

At the same time, they are also conscious not to overlook the use of foliar fertilisers as good leaf structure and growth will boost nutrient absorption of the plants. The couple opted to use AgroBridge’s German-imported foliar fertiliser, Wuxal Microplant. This product has high concentration of micronutrients to adequately provide for the plants’ micronutrient needs. Other than that, they also apply Wuxal Calcium to protect the structure of the fruits and to prevent splitting from occurring. At present, the couple continues to diligently apply the products above, plants continue to grow strongly, have minimal pest or disease damage and leaves grow densely. All these results reignited their passion for durians once again.


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