Fellow Penangite farmer unknowingly produced 101 seeds
All due to appropriate application of fertilisers

Chen A Man, who owns a durian orchard in Balik Pulau in Penang, achieved harvest this year, especially the 101 variety with full grown fruits. This was a harvest that has not been achieved before and such excellent result brought smiles to his face.

Chen A Man’s orchard is around 7 acres and are planted with several local varieties, i.e. Hor Lor, Udang Merah, 604, Green Skin 15 etc. Among them also are the popular Musang King, Black Thorn and his most satisfactory variety of this harvest, 101. He shared that with appropriate fertiliser management practice, every piece of 101 fruit could reach 3kg to 4kg. When the fruit is cut open, he discovered that 50% of the flesh are seeds. Such excellent fruit quality allowed him to fetch high prices. Chen A Man uses AgroBridge fertilisers, which he started only since August/September of 2019. The effects of the fertilisers were unexpectedly great, which led to enhanced yield and quality of his 101 variety.


Fertilising the ground and the leaves for optimum effects

According to his usual practice, re-fertilisation needs to start right after the fruits are harvested, to allow the trees to invigourate so that young leaves will grow successfully. At this stage he will apply Wuxal Amino and Wuxal Ascofol Zn at the quantity of 20ml each and mixed in 20L of water. Once the young leaves are formed, he will use Microplant at 30ml mixed in 20L of water for foliar fertilisation to allow the leaves to achieve sizeable growth, viridity and lustre. As for ground fertilisation, he applies Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S and Bonica boron plus, at 1.5kg and 0.5kg respectively, once every 2 weeks. To enhance the flowering stage especially when the dry climate persists for 7 to 10 days, he will spray 30ml of Wuxal Boron mixed in 20L of water and for the ground, he will apply Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S, once every 2 weeks.

This process will continue until the petals have dropped and the young fruits start to form, then he will switch to Wuxal Ascofol and Calcium at 15ml each and mixed in 20L of water while the fertilisers for the ground are Bonica boron plus at 1kg  per application and one application of organic fertilisers at 25kg per plant. This will be followed by Complex Purple Special 15-5-20-2-8S and foliar fertilisers Wuxal Calcium and K40 to enhance the quality and weight of the fruits.

By following the fertilisation procedures above, Chen A Man successfully enhanced the quality of the fruit and its flesh as well as achieved increased yield. On top of this, as a result of proper fertilisation management practice, his harvesting period was longer and he believed when July comes, harvest will still be possible.


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