Fellow Penangite farmer increased fertilisation quantity
Yield and quality achieved breakthrough growth

After improving his fertiliser management practices, Wen Yang Li, a durian planter from Sungai Ara in Penang, successfully increased his yield by 10%. At the same time, quality has also greatly improved and received great response from the market.

With adequate fertilisation, the durian plants of Wen Yang Li, a planter from Sungai Ara, Penang, are evidently much stronger and the leaves are greener, achieving healthy growth.

The durian varieties that Wen Yang Li planted in his orchard are Green Skin, Udang Merah, Tupai King and other Northern Malaysian varieties. He shared that before this, the durian plants only achieved average growth, the yield was low and damages from pests and diseases were serious. However, after he made improvements to his fertiliser management practices, all the issues above were solved, yield and quality achieved breakthrough growth. Although the growth has just been 10%, he believes that based on his observation, the following yields will continue to increase. This includes improved quality too.


Frequent use of premium fertilisers

In Wen Yang Li’s daily fertiliser management practice, AgroBridge Sdn Bhd’s fertiliser product series are his trusted “assistant”. The products he uses are:

  1. Bonica
  2. Complex Blue Special
  3. Complex Green Special
  4. Complex Purple Special
  5. Wuxal Amino

He shared that Bonica boron plus can be applied together with Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S at 0.5kg and 1.5kg respectively, once every 2 weeks. During the early fruit formation stage, the ground can be fertilised with Bonica boron plus at 1kg each time, followed by Complex Purple Special 15-5-20-2-8S. In his daily practice of revitalising the trees and promoting leaf growth, he will spray Complex Green Special 15-15-15-5CaO, a highly soluble fertiliser product. On top of that, he adds Wuxal Amino by mixing 30ml in 20L of water and spraying onto the leaf surface to accelerate nutrient absorption by the plants. Above all, his observation informs him that fertilisation must start right after the fruits are all harvested in order to provide the plants with adequate nutrients, to promote young leaves to grow successfully and all these are done to prepare for the next harvest.


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