Fellow farmer uses European-imported fertilisers
Soil issue minimised

Located at Bangi old town in Selangor, Liu Xiang Hui has a 24-acre durian orchard, but the trees are not in optimum health condition and show poor signs of growth due to the high acidity level of the soil. The condition improved after he made necessary improvements to his fertiliser management practice, which greatly enhanced the yield and quality of the fruits.

After Liu Xiang Hui (right) improved his fertiliser management practce, the durian plants grew and flourish, fruit yield increased, a great result that was not possible in the past. Standing next to him is his father.

He shared that after improving his fertiliser management practice, the durian plants grew and flourish, a great result that was not possible in the past. He confessed that he used to apply minimal quantity of fertilisers as he was concerned that over-fertilising would lead to increased acidity level of the soil, which would affect the growth of the durian plants.  However, as agricultural technology advanced and newer fertiliser products were offered in the market, the damage caused by high acidity level in the soil could be minimised.

Taking Liu Xiang Hui as a role model, he chose to use AgroBridge’s European-imported Complex Special fertiliser product series. During flowering and fruiting stages, he would apply Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S+Te. As part of his daily fertiliser management practice, he would apply Complex Green Special 15-15-15-5CaO-6S, which is a highly soluble fertiliser product. Usually, he would apply 3kg to 4kg for each mature plant to allow them to grow strong in structure and produce green leaves. By just applying once a month, the effects could be seen.

AgroBridge’s European-imported Complex Special fertiliser product series are formulated with potassium sulphate, a chloride-free fertiliser, and is most suitable for plants that are sensitive to chlorine, e.g. durian plants. This product series can effectively enhance the success rates of flowering and fruiting to promote high quality and yield. Presently, Liu Xiang Hui has increased the fertiliser quantity for the plants as he considered it worth spending more on fertilisers after realising the benefits of doing so.


Serious damage caused by termites

After improving his fertiliser management practice, he proceeded to solve the termite issue. He shared that previously, the soil was heavily eroded due to the presence of termites, causing the plants have weak structure and in poor health condition, resulting in heavy drop in yield. He explained that this was due to improper management of the pruned branches as they were left uncleared in the orchard. This led to termite infestation. Termite infestation will erode the core of the plant and caused holes to form within, thus preventing proper supply of water and nutrients. During the MCO period, he diligently cleared up the prune branches in the orchard.


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