Fellow farmer switched to premium imported fertilisers
Fragrant coconuts flowering success rate increased to 70%

Several years ago, the fertiliser products used by Wen Yang Li, a farmer in Penang, were ineffective. As a result, the yield and quality of his fragrant coconuts did not achieve the expected results. After he switched to imported premium quality fertiliser products, the yield of his fragrant coconuts started to increase. He was pleased with the results, especially with the increase of the flowering success rate from 50% to 70%.

With appropriate temperature control, Wen Yang Li applies products that have flowering enhancement function and successfully increased the flowering success rate of fragrant coconuts to 70%.
Fragrant coconut plantation is easy to manage and the fruits could fetch decent revenues. These are the main reasons that saw the increase of farmers investing in this fruit plantation. However, if the fertilisation process is not properly managed, farmers would still face several challenges that would lead to losses.


Once faced with the issue of low flowering success rate

Wen Yang Li is a fragrant coconut farmer from Sungai Ara, Penang, who shares the story of how he initially struggled with low flowering success rate as a result of nutrient deficiency in his plants, which affected the yield of his crop. This situation persisted until he switched to imported premium fertilisers and had seen improvements since then.

As a matter of fact, the current flowering success rate of his fragrant coconut trees increased from 50% to 70%. Based on his observation, he believed that the flowering success rate will continue to increase.

He explained that the fertiliser products he applied several years ago were ineffective and could not achieve the desired yield and quality of fragrant coconuts. Since switching to the imported premium fertiliser products of AgroBridge Sdn Bhd, his crop experienced improved yield and quality, to which he expressed his satisfaction over such achievements.


Formulated with flowering enhancement functions

The product that Wen applies is AgroBridge 12-12-17-2. He explained that it is formulated with flowering enhancement function and coupled with the optimum climate, he observed that the flowering success rate has increased by more than 20%, which also led to increase in yield. Typically, applying 2kg to 3kg of the fertiliser products would provide adequate nutrients the fragrant coconut plants require.

The coconut plants require higher potassium as they reach a certain growth stage. Thus, supplying the plants with the appropriate fertilisers will guarantee quality fruits. At thus, Wen will apply AgroBridge’s 12-12-17-2 and Complex Purple Special 15-5-20-2-8S during the flowering and fruiting stages of the fragrant coconut trees. Usually when the fragrant coconut plants have achieved successful pollination, fertilisation process can start with applying 3kg on the ground. Wen explained that the effective formula of these products helped in promoting growth of the fruits, resulting in better weight and size. At the same time, the coconut juice is sweet & fresh, which fulfils the expected standards of the market.

As a matter of fact, he shared that ever since he switched to these products, his fragrant coconuts have received favourable responses from the market and received numerous requests from the fruit harvesters to increase his production. However, he would only have his workers harvest the ripened fruits in order to maintain the taste quality of the fragrant coconuts.

Wen had planted more than 1000 fragrant coconut trees in this orchard and the trees are around 10 years of age. He explained that the reason he chose fragrant coconut planting was due to its long production cycle of 20 to 30 years, high economic benefits and Penang’s geographical location being surrounded by the seas, which provided the optimum climate to plant this coconut variety.


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