Exhibition joined by German representatives
Live talks on effective results of Wuxal series

AgroBridge Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which focuses primarily on European-imported fertilisers throughout the years of business, participated in Agri Malaysia 2019. Besides putting up a grand exhibition booth, it has also specially created a giant-scale model container of Wuxal (Germany) foliar fertiliser, which created much excitement at the exhibition.

Dr. Theiss Herald (2nd from right), Mr. Martin Braun (2nd from left) and AgroBridge exhibition team participated in Malaysia’s professional agricultural exhibition.

Giant-scale model container of Wuxal (Germany) foliar fertiliser created much excitement.

The range of European-imported composite fertilisers showcased in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, AgroBridge specially invited the managers of Wuxal foliar fertiliser, Dr. Theiss Herald and Mr. Martin Braun, all the way from Germany, to Malaysia to attend this grand event. The presence of the two experts also received grand invitation from the exhibition organiser and they gave live talks on the various types of agricultural nutrients and their importance. The talk focused on the supply programs of macronutrient and micronutrient elements that are required by the plants various quantities at various stage, which successfully enhanced the understanding of the local farming community on the Wuxal product series. At the same time, it allowed the German experts to interact and understand the development and condition of Malaysia’s agriculture, which will be beneficial for the German company in their future product offerings.

During the exhibition, AgroBridge specially created a giant-scale Wuxal foliar fertiliser container for this event, which created an eye-catching sight for the participants. As seen during the exhibition, fellow farmer visitors were greeted with this attractive giant-scale Wuxal foliar fertiliser container as they entered the hall and would come forward to check out and snap a photo with the giant-scale container.


Wuxal series fulfils the needs of fellow farmers

AgroBridge is well known for its variety of European-imported composite fertilisers and different types of the fertilisers were showcased at the exhibition. Among these are the latest European-imported AgroBridge Complex Green Special 15-15-15-5CaO, as well as AgroBridge Complex Blue Special 12-12-17-2-9S and AgroBridge Complex Purple Speical 15-5-20-2-8S, which are very popular among fellow farmers.

AgroBridge currently imports 13 types of Wuxal foliar fertilisers and would add more to the series in the future to fulfil the needs of the local farmers. Wuxal products are highly concentrated and contain additives suitable for use in the climate of Malaysia.

The whole staff team of AgroBridge was also seen passionately introducing and sharing about the products to participants who visited the booth.

As Mr. Martin Braun shared with fellow farmer audience in the talk, other than focusing only on the high- and medium-quantity categories of nutrient elements in their fertiliser management practice, providing crops with appropriate amount of the nutrient elements in the low-quantity category can enhance quality and yield. All in all, Mr. Martin Braun reminded the audience not to solely apply the nutrient elements in the high-quantity category (NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) in the long run and overlooked those in the low-quantity category as it is key to have balanced nutrition throughout the planting process. Quoting an example of a plant that lacks zinc, continuous application of NPK will not have any positive effect on the plants. Adversely, it caused wastage.


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