Correct application of premium fertilisers
Success rates of flowering and fruiting increased by 40%

Kenny Khor was struggling with issues in the fertilisation of his 10-acre farm in Kangsar, Perak, which greatly affected his harvest. He suspected it might have been due to the use of poor-quality products of previous companies, resulting in leaf burn symptoms that affected the photosynthesis process and thus, low fruiting success rate. He shared that fertiliser management sounded easy but only through appropriate application of fertilisers can one achieve the ideal harvest.

Since he applied AgroBridge products, especially the Complex Special series imported from Europe, the products were effective and produced numerous miraculous results. He further explained that since he started using these products, the flowering success rate had prominently increased, with the same results occurring in fruiting success rate, a total change of situation he experienced in the past. According to his observation, the flowering success rate this year increased by 30% to 40% compared to last year. The reason he could achieve such high success rate was not only due to the use of organic fertilisers, a majority of it was attributed to his choice of applying AgroBridge fertilisers.

Kenny shared that he applies AgroBridge Complex Blue Speical 12-12-17-2-9S and Wuxal Boron foliar fertiliser during flowering stage. Once the trees are in fruiting stage, he will apply AgroBridge Complex Purple Special 15-5-20-2+8S and Wuxal Calcium foliar fertiliser. As part of daily fertiliser management practice, he also applies AgroBridge Complex Green Special 15-15-15+5CaO+6S. When asked on the reason why he continued to show support towards AgroBridge products, he frankly said that this was due to his unpleasant experience in the use of other poor quality fertiliser products earlier that led to leaf burns, stunted growth of the trees as well as poor yield and quality. Kenny further explained that he was especially pleased with the Wuxal Boron foliar fertiliser due to its effective results on the flowering and fruiting success rates, which brought him much joy.

Vincent Lam, a company representative of AgroBridge, visited Kenny’s durian orchard and shared that Wuxal Boron foliar fertiliser has high concentration of boron and phosphorus nutrient elements, which produce two main effects to the durian fruits. Firstly, they promote the circulation of carbohydrates to improve the supply to various parts of the plant, which will allow the fruits to achieve normal growth and thus increase the fruiting success rate. The second benefit is its function during the process of pollination to trigger the growth of pollens and proper growth of the length of the pollen tube, so that pollination could happen successfully and thus increase success rate of flowering.


Dry climate affected fruit setting

Among the variety of durians planted in Kenny’s two pieces of 5-acre orchards are Musang King, 101, D15, D2 and D24. He shared that there are many durian farmers in this region due to the geographical location and suitable climate for this plantation. Additionally, he noticed that when the climate turns dry, the fruit yield will drop. As there was no pond included during the planning stage, Kenny now had to draw water from a nearby river. He had also built a water tank as the water supply from the river is inadequate and will run dry during the dry climate. He is also planning to build a pond in the future to overcome the water shortage issue during the dry climate.


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