Appropriate fertiliser application enhances tree growth
producing high yield

Property builder Zhang You Xiong loves durian and decided to invest in a durian orchard. However, the results were not ideal due to his lack of agricultural experience and ineffective management of the orchard. Undeterred, he sought guidance from an expert and eventually grasped the techniques of farming and orchard management practice, including fertiliser application strategy. The durian trees started to show healthy recovery and optimum growth. The trees progressed into flowering stage and eventually produced abundant fruits. The yield of the crops had continued to increase ever since.

Zhang You Xiong (far right) led AgroBridge senior executive, Lin Yong Quan, and technical sales executive, Ou Da Ming, in their tour to his durian orchard, sharing his joy as well on the upcoming harvest.

To pursue his passion for durians, which he shares with his father, property builder Zhang You Xiong purchased a durian orchard of nearly 10 acres ten years ago, so he could enjoy fresh and tasty durians at every harvest season.


Gradual recovery & growth of the durian trees

Situated near Kampung Sang Lee of Raub in Pahang, Zhang’s orchard currently has 390 trees of different varieties. Among them are 200 Musang King (D197) trees and 150 D24 trees, while the rest comprise of Tekka (D160), D2, 101 (D168), Black Thorn (D200), Durian Merah (D175) and many other varieties.

In the early years of managing the orchard, he explained that his lack of agricultural experience and ineffective orchard management had led to poor results. Not only was the yield low, the trees were in poor health and had ulcer symptoms. This situation persisted until 2017, when he met an agricultural products agent who was proficient in crop management. With guidance, Zhang gradually learned the techniques of farming and orchard management and the situation had since improved.

Zhang said that through the agent’s guidance in the applying the correct fertiliser types and application technique, tree ulcers in the orchard eventually reduced. At the same time, the appropriate application of fertilisers allowed the trees to recover and gradually reach optimum growth, leading to increased yield of crops. Zhang uses granular fertilisers (Innotec 12-12-17-2 and Innotec K12-6-24-2+3CaO), Wuxal Calcium and Wuxal K40 liquid fertiliser (highly concentrated), all which are distributed by AgroBridge (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. He explained that since applying these European-made compound fertilisers and German-made Wuxal liquid fertiliser (highly concentrated), the trees showed healthy growth, vigorous flowering & fruit yield process. Naturally, this led to abundant harvest.


Reduced waiting time between harvesting and the next flowering stage

Between post-harvest and the next flowering stage, Zhang would apply Innotec 12-12-17-2 every month. When the young fruits start to develop, he would switch to the high potassium Innotec K12-6-24-2+3CaO and apply it every 1 to 1.5 months. During flowering stage, he would apply Wuxal Calcium every 10-14 days or Wuxal K40 liquid fertiliser (highly concentrated). The high calcium content in Wuxal Calcium can enhance fruit cell wall, reduce blossom drops, prevent fruit cracking and increase shelf life. Wuxal K40 on the other hand contributes to improvements in the outer quality of the durians, resistance to diseases, aroma, fruit size, and overall quality.

He specifically mentioned that as a result of poor tree health in the past, the waiting period for the next possible harvest would be very long. Today, the tree growth is optimal and is consistently producing high crop yield. To quote an example, after the last harvest in August/September, the trees progressed into flowering stage and produced young fruits within a short period of time, allowing the next harvest ready by December.

In spite of his progress and success in managing his orchard, Zhang humbly informed that he was still learning, as managing a durian orchard had proved to be a challenging task. It requires one to diligently make rounds in the orchard and carefully observe every condition so that appropriate actions could be taken early and where necessary. Nevertheless, his hard work had paid off and will continue to reward him with gratification at every durian harvest season.


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