WUXAL® Foliar Fertiliser

High quality concentrated foliar fertiliser imported from Germany.

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WUXAL® Product Portfolio

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WUXAL® Calcium

High calcium supply, effective, and safe to use. It also helps to improve yield quality and prolong the life of fruits and vegetables.

WUXAL® Boron

Concentrated foliar fertiliser to overcome boron deficiencies. Suitable for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops such as durian, cucumber.

WUXAL® Combi Mg

Concentrated foliar fertiliser that helps plant growth in phosphate-rich soils. High magnesium content can enhance chlorophyll synthesis and plant photosynthesis processes.


Concentrated foliar fertiliser containing high potassium content. Increases sugar content, taste, colour, and weight of fruits.

WUXAL® Macromix

High quality concentrated foliar fertiliser containing a balanced NPK rate. It also helps improve crop growth and quality.


Concentrated foliar fertiliser that is suitable for all types of crops that require high phosphorus and is able to overcome phosphorus deficiencies quickly.

WUXAL® Microplant

Concentrated foliar fertiliser with high micronutrient, suitable for all types of crops.

WUXAL® Multimicro Fluid

It is an organic fluid fertiliser that has a high and concentrated micronutrient content.

WUXAL® Fulvic

Concentrated fulvic acid concentration, suitable for stimulating root growth, improving soil structure as well as microbial activities.

WUXAL® Amino

Liquid organic amino acids that stimulate the regrowth of stressful and injured plants. Enhances the effects of pesticides.

WUXAL® Ascofol

Natural seaweed organic solution that increases the fruiting rate and prevents disease infections as well as reduces weather stress.

WUXAL® Ascofol Zn

Zinc-rich natural seaweed solution, suitable for crops that require a high zinc supply.

WUXAL® Ascofol Cu

Natural seaweed solution rich in copper micronutrient that help prevents fungal and bacterial infections.

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