Commercial farming is a competitive industry. Farmers must leave many variables out of their control up to the environment – sun exposure, weather, potential natural disasters, and more. To ensure successful crop yields, they must control everything in their power: fertiliser type, quantity, quality, and agricultural responses to rainfall, or over- and under-exposure to heat and sunlight. Of these limited variables in their control, fertiliser is an essential factor for an abundant harvest and exceptional crop yield.

AgroBridge imports industry-leading fertilisers and cultivation products to optimize productivity and profitability. With a diverse selection of products – from granular to foliar fertilisers – AgroBridge’s knowledgeable team is committed to your agricultural success.

We provide educational and consultation services, and are available for on-site research and development. AgroBridge will help you raise your farm like it’s our own. We are always willing to advise farmers on determining the most efficient and fruitful methods. With our fertilisers and superior customer service, your crops will flourish!


To emerge as a nationwide specialist in fertilisers and plant nutrition

To advance our agriculture to the next level by seizing new opportunities and emphasizing excellence in the industry

To establish Malaysia as the new global standard of internationally desirable agriculture produce

Importing superior agricultural products and fertilisers, supplying the best range of fertilisers to provide best value to farmers

Raising national standards for the quality of fertiliser to increase agricultural yields and values

Developing long-term relationships with all parties interested in agriculture by educating communities on plant nutrition and optimizing agricultural success with unparalleled fertilisers and cultivation products



Our Story

Founded in May of 2000, AgroBridge has demonstrated fierce customer loyalty and increased profitability over the past two decades. Founder Ernest Lum Fook Mun employed his long-standing, respected reputation in the agriculture industry to establish AgroBridge. With unparalleled products and superior customer service, our business has entered the global arena. Our supportive suppliers, customers, and team have truly empowered the growth of AgroBridge.

Our Philosophy

AgroBridge’s core values are dedication and commitment. Not only are we personally committed to quality assurance and the importation of the most effective fertilisers, but we know that our customers are equally committed to their farms and crops. To respect such immense dedication, AgroBridge makes a point to develop loyal, personal relationships with our network of customers. Hard work and enthusiasm lie at the core of AgroBridge’s existence and are the lifeblood of our customer base. We are determined to continue practicing and inspiring agricultural commitment.

Our Community

Though AgroBridge competes with sizable multinational companies, we have always maintained approachability and personal loyalty within our immediate community. Farmers and those with careers in agriculture are the glue of our society – they provide the essentials. And we owe it to these hard workers to remain committed to our community. AgroBridge fulfills our social responsibility regularly, by supporting causes to help those in need.

Get in touch with us, we would be happy to provide you with easy and effective farming solutions.