AgroBridge (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established on 16th May 2000. Since then, AgroBridge has grown into the international arena, as a brand that is synonymous with CONSISTENT QUALITY. Like the name implies, AgroBridge bridges its services and products with farmers’ productivity and yield. AgroBridge specialises in a comprehensive range of fertilisers, imported mainly from Europe tailored for all categories of cultivation in the country.

Concepted by its founder, Mr. Ernest Lum Fook Mun who has been in the agriculture industry since 1975 is a respectable figure not only in Malaysia but also with most of the European manufacturers of fertilisers and other agricultural products.

With a solid foundation built on trust and supreme quality, AgroBridge won strong and loyal support from its suppliers and customers both at home and abroad. Today, some of the company’s International brands such as ‘Wuxal’, ‘Plantaflor’, ‘Plantacote’ and AgroBridge – Cap Jambatan- 桥标 have become household names and market leaders.

The logo of AgroBridge proudly represents the core values of its strong foundation and sustainability. A Bridge with a strong foundation that has no beginning and no ending, represents an infinity growth into the future.

With a team of highly trained and well qualified professionals in the agriculture field, AgroBridge provides educational and consultation services for farmers, and also conducts onsite R&D and trials aimed to provide innovative ways to improve crop quality and yields.

Not forgetting our social responsibility, AgroBridge supports good causes by helping the needy.

AgroBridge has many expansion plans in the pipeline, including international trading and multiple forms of investments. With the passionate and visionary leadership, AgroBridge is set to advance further into the global market.




AgroBridge is a market orientated group providing high quality fertilisers and services in agriculture in order to establish ourselves as the partner of growth with our customers and thereby maximizing our profitability and return on investment by being in the business of excellence.

Moving forward, AgroBridge aims to be the specialist in fertilisers and Plant Nutrition with emphasis on strengthening its market leadership while looking into new opportunities to grow into other avenues.